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production request for proposal

Hello and thank you for considering the goodtime hotel. Kindly provide answers to the questions below and we will gladly get back to you with availability.

  • We only allow shoots on Monday - Thursday
  • Location fee is per space and depends on your shoot needs.
    • Feel free to review your needs on our Gallery page and let us know of any specific shots.
  • No privatization of any spaces
  • Work around and do not inconvenience any hotel guests
  • Pool shoots work MUCH better starting early in the morning, most start at 7am
  • Rooms are required for hair and makeup (depends on availability)
  • Cannot shoot the signage of the hotel or restaurant logo
  • COI must be presented in advance of filming
  • Deposit must be received prior to filming
  • Pool Disclaimers:
    • Cleaning Fee of $300- $500 depending on the size of the crew and amount of cleanup post shoot
    • Only use of mangrove area is allowed